Find It

  • Learn to find great deals
  • Create non-stop leads
  • Deal analysis made simple

Fund It

  • Learn to use OPM & OPC
  • Investing IRA money for high returns
  • Contracts that create value

Fix It

  • Learn to evaluate repairs & estimate costs
  • Find & Manage Contractors
  • Use Discounts to increase profits

Flip It

  • Keep rentals to create wealth
  • Maximize value if you sell
  • Find buyers that want many deals

 What new investors want...Do You want it too?
Are you sick of hearing about the great real estate deals that others are making every month and wondering how you can find those deals for yourself? Do you see other people doing deals and making money and you wonder why you can't.

Now there's help. I'm going to help you be a better real estate investor with a Quick Start mentoring program that ensures your success. I am going to help you make 2007 your "Year of Success".

How, you ask? I am finding, funding, fixing and flipping properties all year long and I invite you to look over my shoulder, watch what I do, learn, ask questions, and invest successfully, either with me or on your own. I will be teaching in the classroom and in one on one sessions. I will take you into the field to see houses, estimate repairs, make offers, do rehabs and sell houses. This is intense training, mentoring but more importantly, this is learning to take action.

I invite you to join a select group of committed individuals driven to succeed in 2007. Join my 7 7 7 Jackpot! Wealth Creation Program and become a full time investor in 2007 and change your life forever through financial freedom.

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